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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Lucia's Bromide 1

Staring at the Sky

Location: Talk to the man standing outside his house on the east side of Larpa after Lucia has been healed.

Lucia's Bromide 2

Another Great Day

Location: In the Epilogue, look in the baby's crib at the top of Taban's Peak.

Lucia's Bromide 3

Blue Starlight

Location: Talk to the faries at the Mystic Ruins in the epilogue. One of them will give you this bromide.

Lucia's Bromide 4

Splendor in the Grass

Location: Check the jail cell in Tabens Peak during the epilogue. There is now a box in there.

Jean's Bromide 1

Gypsy Feast

Location: Go to the dojo of the drunken fighters in Horam during the epilogue. Talk to the old man there and he will give you the bromide.

Jean's Bromide 2

Dancing Queen

Location: After you recruit Jean, talk to the girl standing by the path leading out of the forest.

Jean's Bromide 3

Long Hard Night

Location: You can buy this from a man at the Carnival during the epilogue.

Jean's Bromide 4

Martial Awe

Location: In the epilouge, there is a chest all the way to the north of the Carnival.

Lemina's Bromide 1

Sunset Breeze

Location: Check the bookshelves in the library of Vane. It is in the section with Lemina's books.

Lemina's Bromide 2

Seaside Stroll

Location: After you get Lemina's Bromide 3, check the barrels in the back of Ramus' shop.

Lemina's Bromide 3

Midnight Appraisal

Location: Go to Ramus' shop in Meribia and talk to the old man several times until he gives you the bromide

Lemina's Bromide 4

Steamy Scene

Location: During the Epilogue, go to the Hall of Horrors under Ramus' shop. There is a new chest in there.

Luna's Bromide

Dreamy Weaver

Location: Go to Vane during the epilogue and talk to the old people who used to be Nall's Dragon Kids. Their house is the first one to the left of the enterance of Vane.

Jessica's Bromide

Land Ho!

Location: Talk to one of the people in the bar of Meribia.

Mia's Bromide

Warm Tea, Good Read

Location: Talk to one of the people at the Transmission Spring next to Vane.

Mauri's Bromide 1

Afternoon Picnic

Location: After you get Ronfar to join you in the epilogue, talk to Mauri and she will give him something to remember her by.

Mauri's Bromide 2

In Leo's Footsteps

Location: Behind Mauri's house in Raculi during the epilogue.

Mystere's Bromide

Shining Justice

Location: Talk to the old man at the gate of Takkar Village. He is looking for a very annoying person.

Borgan's Bromide


Location: Talk to Borgan at the Magic Guild during the Epilogue.
(The fact that this shot does not come up is no mistake. Let me explain. In order for me to take a portrait shot, such as a bromide, I have to take about 2 or 3 shots as the view moves, then combine them on a paintshop program, zooming in very close to make sure the pieces are perfectly aligned. That being said, there is absolutely NO WAY I would look at that bromide again, much less zoom in on it. You will never find that bromide here, but somehow, I don't think most of you would care.)

Borgan's Bromide X

He really is a fat bastard after all

Location: It is believed that if you follow a seris of events in the epilogue, you will eventualy be able to find this secret bromide in NeoVane. Or you can just use a Game Shark to add the bromide to your inventory. The code is 3019A7D8 0001.

Nall's Bromide

Fishy Fantasies

Location: During the epilogue, go to Taban's Peak and talk to one of the kids in the room next to Nall's.

Ghaleon's Bromide

Secret Garden Moment

Location: During the epilogue, there is a chest at the top of the Mystic Ruins in the room where you saw the historic records.

Hiro's Bromide

Adventurer's Club

Location: Find this bromide at the top of Lionhead during the epilogue.

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